International relocation, Texas and Florida, EE.UU.

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International relocation, Texas and Florida, EE.UU.

Por qué escogernos a nosotros

International relocation, Texas and Florida, EE.UU.

Por qué escogernos a nosotros

Value creation

Give life and business a broader horizon to achieve your goals and increase your bottom line.


As people and businesses around the world continue to navigate unprecedented challenges, it's not enough to make a strategic shift in your life and business vision; you will need to find the right and bold consultancy accompaniment.


Whether your goal is the creation or acquisition of a valuable asset to share with your loved ones or to grow your project or business internationally, or you are considering a divestment or looking to improve the performance of your business, with the right advice you can achieve new goals and thrive internationally.

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How can you create or secure value in the midst of disruption? Build a secure and stable value bridge between the U.S. and Europe.

There is no magic recipe for securing authentic value. Competing better, diversifying risks, moving quickly and getting decisions right are a real challenge in life and in business. In times of uncertainty, identifying actions that can avoid losing value and preserve it while strengthening your company's competitive positioning will help you move forward.

Traversing the bridge between Europe and the United States can be one of the safe and sound bets for your life or business.

How we can help

We operate in an international environment. Bridging the gap between Europe and the United States, we help our clients discover, experience, leverage and enjoy the advantages of the exchange of lifestyles, businesses, aspirations and dreams that bond Europeans and Americans and make their differences enriching.

We work to provide clients with new approaches to value creation, safely but exploring less obvious and more specialized angles. We look at all legal aspects of your life or business project landing on both sides of the Atlantic to propose solutions that are valuable to the client.


Multidisciplinary legal team

We have the experience and skills necessary to bring results and success to evolving situations and needs. We apply a non-bureaucratic and cross-functional structure, a teamwork method, pragmatic approach and rational and efficient use of time and resources, and maximum transparency and accountability in the provision of the service.


Lawyers who are engaged to advise, counsel or represent our clients in court will be authorized under applicable U.S. federal, state or European law to provide such advice or representation in court in accordance with the law applicable to the advice or representation in court sought.


Julio Pellitero

European lawyer licensed in Spain. Specialized in international law, public and private, and EU law. He has a strong background in complex and cross-border litigation, before EU based courts and arbitration tribunals, in trademark matters, monetary claims, breach of contract and financial grants from the EU public administration. He advises on cross-border incorporation of businesses and JVs and IP and trademark matters. Completed his studies at four universities across Europe. Advises on cases related to the defense and promotion of civil rights in Europe. Fluent in English, Spanish, French and Italian.


* He is not qualified nor will he give any advice or counsel on the state or local law of any U.S. state or on U.S. federal law. 

Reimel Ariosa

European lawyer licensed in Spain. Expert litigator, in commercial and corporate matters, business contracts and procurement and in matters relating to financial aid and subsidies from the public administration in Spain, IP and trademark matters before national offices and EUIPO, and in civil rights matters at Spanish and European level. He provides specialized advice to start-ups and new businesses with cross-border funding. He advises political parties on legislation matters. Fluent in English and Spanish.


* He is not qualified nor will he give any advice or counsel on the state or local law of any U.S. state or on U.S. federal law.


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