Spain lawyer Miami, Texas and Florida, EE.UU.

Spain lawyer Miami, Texas and Florida, EE.UU.

Spain lawyer Miami, Texas and Florida, EE.UU.

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People and businesses adapting to a changing world are rushing to reconfigure their life plans and business capabilities by investing in countries and economies where there is greater strength, certainty and security for living and doing business. But reality shows that operations are complex and involve risks, especially when they cross borders. How can you make sure that your family's life projects or your business will be carried out in the safest way and in the most time and cost-efficient manner?


Our advice manages to combine a holistic investment strategy and the perspective of analysis, knowledge and the field work of local players in order to ensure a successful deal and deliver the optimal returns. To avoid loss of value, learn how to navigate an impactful deal with the help of our skilled professionals.

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International commercial contracts

  • Establishment of commercial distribution networks, agencies and franchises in fashion and luxury, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, catering and fast food.

  • Digital sales in e-commerce and social networks.

  • Logistics, warehousing and international shipping.

  • Manufacturing and supply of goods and relationship with foreign suppliers.

Real estate sales and purchase 

  • International purchases and sales of housing for family or investment use

  • Purchases and sales of hotels and hospitality, restaurants and tertiary establishments (supermarkets, stores, etc.)

  • Purchases and sales of properties and establishments for industrial use, warehouses, factories, etc.

  • Purchases and sales of large tracts of land for crops, livestock or hunting.

  • Purchases and sales of properties of historical, cultural or patrimonial value, such as castles, palaces, abbeys, monasteries, etc.

Incorporation and relocation of business between Europe and the U.S.

  • Incorporation of subsidiaries, corporate vehicles, JVs and strategic alliances.

  • Mergers & acquisitions.

  • Corporate governance and partner relations.

  • Listing on stock exchanges in Spain and Italy.

Data protection and cybersecurity

  • Assessment and compliance with EU data protection regulations and international data transfers.

  • Representation and defense in any sanctioning or regulatory proceedings, related to data protection infringement.


Litigation and Arbitration

  • International arbitration before courts and arbitral bodies.

  • Contractual, tort, product and professional liability litigation.

  • Corporate disputes.

  • Disputes over breach of commercial contracts and claims for damages.

  • Trademark and IP disputes.

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As we navigate the uncertainty and challenges of today's evolving environment, it's more important than ever to have a strategic roadmap to maximize value creation. We help you act quickly so you can stay ahead of the curve and gain control of every moment.


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