Opening fashion store Spain, Texas and Florida, EE.UU.

Opening fashion store Spain, Texas and Florida, EE.UU.

Opening fashion store Spain, Texas and Florida, EE.UU.

Discover and experience the European and American ways of life

The European Way of Life refers to the rich diversity of historical, philosophical, religious, architectural, cultural and linguistic heritage, popular traditions, games and sports, gastronomy and food, arts, music and artisan, manufacturing and scientific skills developed as a civilization by the peoples of Europe over more than two thousand years, from the Greek city-states or the Roman Empire to today with the countries that make up the 27 member states of the European Union and the Old Continent in general.

Likewise, the rich history, economic development, values and diversity of culture and traditions of the 50 U.S. states and other island territories under its sovereignty, makes the American Way of Life a safe and envy-worthy value.


When we experience for ourselves the culture of our European or American neighbors, with whom we share a close heritage, commitments and values of life, liberty and security of person, we realize how much we are united and how much we value our differences.

Beauty and Art

  • Import and Export of Works of Art, Collectibles and Antiques.
  • Innovative and digital arts.
  • Relations between institutions and cultural agents and cultural exchange in museums, festivals, exhibitions, shows, galleries, etc.

Fashion and traditional and valuable manufactures

  • Value projects with local and traditional know-how or savoir-faire.

  • Innovative manufacturing.

Cosmetics, generic and OTC goods

  • Licensing agreements, strategic alliances or partnerships, R&D&I agreements, international manufacturing and supply agreements trade secrets, government subsidies and unfair competition issues.

  • Navigating compliance with national and European Drug and Medical Devices agencies.

Traditional Wines and Spirits

  • Acquisition and operation of crops, vineyards, wineries and distilleries.

  • Labeling, IP and trademarks.

Gastronomy and Culinary Arts

  • Procurement and sales of hotels and traditional catering establishments.
  • Food Labeling, Advertising and Food Safety.

Travel and Tourism

  • International Flight and Baggage Issues.

  • Travel Agencies and Tour Packages.

  • Cruises and Shipping.

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